Some Thoughts on Ignorance

To Be Sure of You

Three ways we use Notes app as a family

The Heart and a Willing Mind

Switch from Eero to UniFi for Home Wifi

Force an Apple TV to remain as the Home Hub for HomeKit

Site Update: Move to Ghost

Some Thoughts on Dropcam, UniFi Protect, HomeKit, and Notifications

Healing in His Wings

Around the World in Eighty Days

Notes From: Peru

Notes From: Bolivia

Notes From: Brazil

Notes From: Zambia

Notes From: Zimbabwe

Don C Tingey: A Grandpa and a Hero

Notes From: South Africa

Notes From: Singapore

Notes From: Malaysia

Notes From: Thailand

Notes From: Vietnam

Notes From: Hong Kong

Notes From: Japan

Notes From: Australia

The Legacy of Samuel Stucki

Notes From: New Zealand

Notes From: Hawaii

The First Person Problem

This Beautiful World

October 2023 Stockpile

Smell Training: A process that has helped me regain my sense of smell

Notes From: Wheel of Fortune

Notes From: Mexico City

How do I know whether the thought I have is my own or if it’s from the Holy Ghost?

July 2023 Stockpile

Three Tips for Social Media and Young People

Never Forget You

Mush Ado About Nothing

Screen Time is Unreliable

Some Books I Enjoyed in 2022

Be Sure You Are Fast Charging Your Stuff

A Page for Photos

The Superior Theory

A Favorite Family Phrase: Take Time

Immunotherapy Allergy Shots: My Process, Cost, and Outcome

A Personal Journaling Milestone

Five Things to Know About This Porch Pirate Video

Travel Charger Packs

April 2022 Stockpile

A Good Book for Family Conversations

Use Captions for Travel Photos

December 2021 Stockpile

November 2021 Stockpile

Add an AirTag to a Harmony Remote

October 2021 Stockpile

On Screen Time in iOS 15

Helping kids organize their money through teaching and technology

Beat The Algorithms

Experts In Their Field

August 2021 Stockpile

Stay Cool. Have a good Summer.

Morning in the Desert

Friends, Faith, and Unfairness

You need more James Taylor in your life

Three Thousand Miles to Nowhere

Still learning from Grandma

How to send RSS to Twitter

What of all the videos?

Technology and Families

Learn to Love Good Humor

Fabulous Las Vegas

A Copilot for your Budget

An Entry with a View

La Paz, The City in the Clouds

PSA: Parisian Sweets Advice

A certain number of words

How to manually merge two Apple IDs to one

They Stayed Up His Hands

Sixteen items of gratitude - Mission edition

Twenty-one random reasons for gratitude

What is wrong with them?

A Scorecard for Life

Hope and Unity in a Divided World

Will you stand forever?

Sharing the First Vision in comfortable ways

An offer to stay connected

The Christ Child

The Power of Repetitious Teaching

An auto-close sliding glass door

Moving from Gmail to Fastmail...kind of

A look at the 1984 General Conference

Use location-based reminders to remember gate codes

Millions shall know...

The inspiring true story of the Restoration

Take the time to understand and organize your tech

Even in difficult times we can become better people

Investing without great intelligence

Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

No conflict between science and religion

A new first presidency

Do not touch fire

Using Technology with Intent

What did you learn at home this week?

Informed Delivery: A sneak peek at incoming USPS mail

Being 100 Percent Responsible

A Template for a Simple Budget

The Beauty of Brevity

A new bridge and an old story

The Light of Truth

The Roaming Lines of Life

Two Sides of Red Rock

Museum of American Revolution

Real World Betterment Results

Two apps for a more productive Sabbath

Refuge from the Storm

A guidance for happy living

Oct 2016 General Conference: One week later

Thomas S Monson: Fifty-three years of service

Learning The Character of Christ

Using Social Media Wisely

Put your time where your testimony is

Review: iMac 5K with a 4K monitor (LG 27UD68)

An afternoon with Elder Holland

Some changes at Macminicolo

Never Too Early

Early Mormon Missionaries

Released as Bishop


Las Vegas Drought Conditions

Elder Richard G Scott

A week without television

A Home Invasion and Tips

An observation from President Packer's funeral

Elder Maxwell and Challenges of Today

James Taylor Life Highlights

A Griffin Twenty Review

Living after the Manner of Happiness

Elder Musser

Elder Keeler

Bullying: Stop it

El Salvador Celebration

How iCloud works with a shared Apple ID

The iPad Disappears

The Development of Agendas

The Art of the Pitch

My Little Shadow Named Cole

Keeping Our House In Sync

Boyhood Dream Fulfilled

A Better View of Will

The Stucki Boys

Playing With iLife 09 and Faces

January 2009 Stockpile

An Invitation To Ear Heaven

My December Stockpile

My 2008 New Years Resolutions

Funeral Services for Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

My November Stockpile

Goodbye My Pink and White Friends

The Archives From General Conference

My October Stockpile

My September Stockpile

The Stucki Genes Do It Again

The Weak Become Strong

I Don't Know Where He Gets It From

Cole and Mason - BFF

Give A Little Wiggle

Don't Let It Happen On Your Watch

My July Stockpile

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Trash Too

"The Kite Runner" Is Great

Getting Ready For The Monkey Luau

My Friend Next Door

Three Suggestions For Award Shows

My May Stockpile

My Three Channel Lineup

Cole Staying Busy

My March Stockpile

Goody In So Many Ways

My February Stockpile

The Compliment Middleman

Ninety Seconds Of Cole Boy

My January Stockpile

My One Christmas Tip

Cole Growing Up

It's Not Me

James Taylor...He Still Has It

Seven Observations

Stucki Halloween 2007

Four Months With My Cole Boy

It Takes Work To Remember

Good Day For Red Sox Fans

My Son The Sooner

I Feel You Need To Know

Organizing Movies The Mac Way

A Little More On Money

Thankful For The Holy Ghost

Cole's Big Morning Stretches

A Finance Suggestion Of INGDirect

Human Body 2.0

My PRK Surgery and Recovery

Recognize The Miracles In Your Life

A Mission of Memories

Any Experience With PRK Surgery?

iMac vs. Cole

My Thoughts On Martin Luther

A Mighty Man Fallen

Cole And His Swing

My Fatherhood Checklist

I Wish Blogs Weren't New

The Things I Carry

My Thoughts On Tithing

A Month With The iPhone

A Great Time In Oceanside

For His Adoring Fans

Going On A Monkey Hunt

A Long Time Coming

My Approach On Backups

In iPhone Heaven

Enjoying The Feelings Of The Spirit

Organizing Quotes On A Mac

Whetting The Appetite of Sisters

A Memory Journal Milestone

My Cup Runneth Over

My Bouncing Baby Boy

Kermit Is A Smart

In Anticipation Of Fatherhood

Candace Has A Blog Too

Have Favorites But Don't Be Picky

Why Does God Let Good People Suffer?

Remote Say

The Real Estate Roller Coaster

Planet Earth Is Just Amazing

Greed And Selfishness

A Boost For Your Scripture Reading

Thinking About Thinking

Anyone Want Me To Visit?

A Quick Report Of The Trip

Flowers In My Hair...Check

My First Shots From The Studio

My "Two Said" Rule

More Talent Than I Have

A Studio In My Home

The Influence Of Books On Me

To Be Observant Is To Be Wise

A Surprise Phone Call

San Francisco Week

It's How You Ask The Question

Book Review: 1776

A Trip To See Bodies

I'm Good and I'm Not Good

Our Adventure

The Internet And Unique Names

Some Fun You Can Have With A Fridge

Two Phrases That Help Me Everyday

Why I Dislike Cuss Words

My Personal Phone Rules

Things I Love: Rhythmic Coincidences

World Trade Center Movie

How To Be A Good Social Photographer

Computers and Bible Language

Stukism: You Never Regret Paying More For Quality

Yesterday I Got In Trouble At Target

Ten Reasons For You To Buy A DS Lite

Two Gripes With Insurance Companies

Turning Technology Around For Your Benefit

Five Characteristics I Admire

New Updates By Email

1906 Earthquake Photos

The Challenge Of Not Stopping When You Are Done

Insanity Ride Not So Insane

An Example Of Advertising Done Well

Your Best Stuff

I Use Freeware

Baby Carrots Are The Devil

A New Place For Gems

"Life In The Office" Blog

24 Hours of Work

Meet My Friends

Don't Want to Do It, Just Do It

How Would I Have Responded in History

School vs Real Life

Rebirth Of The Photoblog

Often Imitated Never Duplicated

How To Find New Music

Rudolph Redone

How To Keep A History Of Yourself

The New Tarkanian Court

Using Groups On Flickr

It Just Does Not Seem Fair

John Mayer Trio Sings The Blues

See The World With Flickr

Better Way To Use The Internet

My Thought Process

A Recipe For A Good Morning

The Internet Has Changed Lives Piece by Piece

Time To Change the Way of The Weatherman

How Do You Remember People?

Did someone call me from this number?

Brian Stucki Photoblog

Now I Understand

Sleeping on the Streets

Comment Trouble

My Own Genre of Music

Dashboard Mosaic Complete

Doing One Thing Great

Dashboard Submissions Complete

Dashboard Contest (updated)

Stringed Instrument Gems

How to clean your ears out using candles!?!

Ogling Googling

Battery Spencer

To Give You A Laugh When You Need It

Over the Rivers and thru the Woods

Las Vegas to London

Out With The Old

Wiggle Baby (updated)

Old Gems Re-polished

Manly Things

Girls like Guys with skills

Lucky Duck

One More thing I want

A Time Killer

Two Sides of Every Story

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Other Phrases I Dislike

Iceberg, straight ahead.

iBri (updated)

My Top 5 TV shows

Las Vegas with Peppers and Weezers

Flowers and Juice (update 2)

Return to New England

Pain Defined

Something you need to know

A Sense-ful Morning

3 random thoughts

What a deal! (updated)

What's in a name?

Observations from Canada

High Mountaintops and an even higher ego

The Digital Music World

I thought I was bad

Looks like I have some places I need to go! (update)

I almost want to buy the car

New Way To Keep Updated.

I'm Just Not Sure Why

Another view on Iraq

Here we go again

Is it the chicken?

a quick review of the new ipod shuffle (updated)

what's so great about San Francisco curves anyway?

For All The Mac Users

Ya ha deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dum

Napolean Goes Big Time (update)

Proof For The Whole World To See

An Easily Avoided Pet Peeve

impressed and humbled

I know I am a week late, but ir's never bad right?

Middle Finger Man

Did I ever find a gem

Pedro Revisited

Few Things In Life

The Passing of a Giant

A Little Something on Mileage

I Need Help

Who me?

A Memory Revisited

From The East Coast

Evans Lullaby