Las Vegas to London

I am in the South Kensington area of London. Jamie has been living here for school and we are in a hotel on the same block. This is a very nice part of London, and probably the favorite area that I’ve seen in both times I’ve been here.

We have seen alot in the last few days. Alot of the fun was getting here. A few thoughts:

-Over the weekend in Vegas there were 100 couples married at the same time on Fremont street in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Las Vegas. 11 of those couples and their friends were on my plane. It was a very worn out crowd.

-We had a layover in Chicago. This is where I met my mother and brother (as they were starting this trip from a different place.) While I was waiting there, I was near one of the moving sidewalks. There was an old bony man that got on, and he was pushing his old “not bony” wife. With the weight of the wheel chair, he was pushing twice his weight easily. Well, they got to the end and he wasn’t quite able to push the chair up the little ramp to come off. It was very funny as more and more people were pushed to the endpressing into each other. It only lasted a few seconds, but everyone was really getting loud and rowdy. Finally there was enough weight pushing on the back of them to pop the chair up and off. Tempers flared, but I noticed that not one person was intelligent enough to start walking in the other direction. Even if they couldn’t walk faster then the machine at least they would stay in the same place.

-We’ve done most of the tourist stuff here in London. I enjoy the history very much. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, London Tower with the crowned jewels, etc. I will post some pictures when I am able to.

-The fast food places here don’t serve your drink with ice. NO ICE! I am told that the customers feel that they are getting ripped off when they put ice in the cup because it displaces the soda. I’m not so down with that.

” Would you like anything else with your meal?”

“Yes, a cup of ice, and a pot holder for the mean time.”

Tomorrow we start our whirlwind trip thru the rest of Europe. We are hoping for 6 cities in 6 nights.