Put your time where your testimony is

Candace and I have coined a new phrase in our life where we need to “put our time where our testimony is” more often. In other words, instead of just talking about it, we need to search for more opportunity to serve others and learn in new experiences. Our family recently enjoyed some time in a community garden harvesting strawberries. (As you can see, Jane especially enjoyed this service. I think she ate her weight in fruit.)

In a couple weeks, we’ll welcome a young man from China to our home so we can show him life/manners/social skills in America. Our kids are very excited for their “new big brother.” I hope a lot of you will come and meet him when he gets here.

Both of these opportunities were found online and simple to line up for our family. JustServe.org is a site that makes it real easy. You can signup, look for opportunities that fit your time and abilities, and volunteer right on the site. It will notify the organization that you’re coming to help.

Idea: If you have teenagers that can’t find a job this Summer, help them find good things to do outside of the house and get experience in life. I talked with one family who says every hour in service earns one hour in front of the TV. The kids are having so much fun with service that they haven’t found time for TV.

If you’re in Las Vegas, take a look at www.JustServe.org to see how you can serve at non-profit locations near you. (If you’re not in Las Vegas, you can still take a look at the site to see what is available in your area or to be notified when there are opportunities near you.)

If you find something great, let us know and we’ll come with you.