Ogling Googling

I’ve written before at how much I prefer Google Maps over other services like Mapquest. And now it seems that Google maps are the talk of the town. (Because of my mention,no doubt.) But there are some other really neat things that Google can do.

SMS Google is a really neat way to find things when you are not around a computer. The steps are simple.
-compose a text message with what you want. For example “Costco Las Vegas”
-Send the text message to “46645” (which spells GOOGL)
-Then a few moments later you will get the info texted back to you. You can get all kinds of info:
• For addresses: hospital San Jose CA
• For reverse phone lookup : 2122269817
• For driving directions : pasadena CA to santa monica CA
• For Movie Times : batman begins 94043
• For Weather : weather dallas tx
• For Stock quotes : tgt
• For Answers to questions : population of Japan
• For Definitions : define prosimian
• For prices of products : price mp3 player
• FOr Zip codes locations: 94043
• For Area code locations : 650

If you want to test it out visit this site and type in the text, and it will show you what you would get in return.

Another neat feature is the ability to search a movie database. You can find a movie by character, quote, genre, theme, etc. To do this, visit google and type “movie: ” and the info you know already. For example:
movie: humperdinck
movie: Johnny Depp

This is a great way to look for new movies, or to remember old ones.

Google Alerts is a good way to keep up with a certain subject or person. You enter the subject and your email, then whenever Google finds a newspaper article that contains that, they will email the link to you. For instance, you can enter James Taylor and be kept up on his tour reviews. Or if you own stock in Apple computer and want to know what the papers are writing about them you can enter “Apple Computer”. If nothing else, get on there and type your name in the google alerts so if you ever make the paper, you’ll know about it. You can find the Alerts page here

There are alot of other neat service you can find here.