Goody In So Many Ways

A long time ago, my dad went on a business trip back East and he came back with the best headache medicine ever. They are called “Goody’s” and they are wonderful. They come in powder form so when you take one, it moves so quickly into your system. Headaches go away within 60 seconds every time. Ever since he brought them back, we’ve been addicted thankful.

Up until now, I’ve found only two complaints about Goody’s. First, they taste really bad. Imagine taking an aspirin and chewing before you swallow. The second complaint is for some people they can really get you wired. For me this doesn’t happen, but if Candace takes a Goody’s in the evening then she is up all night.

Luckily, I just found that Goody’s took care of both of these problems. They now make a Cool Orange flavor that works just as quickly but tastes so much better.

It may seem strange that I am posting about a headache powder, but these medicines are really quite amazing and I’m so glad to finally have a good tasting version. Next time you’re in the pharmacy, pick up a box and you’ll be thanking me the next time you have a headache.