Flowers and Juice (update 2)

I was in San Francisco this last weekend. I love it there. The weather was so sunny and warm. I also love how the city and it’s resident are conastantly putting on events, fairs, and markets. This last time there was “Brazil Days” right in front of the city call building. They were selling lots of different brazilian goods for sale there.

Another interesting event was the “Macy’s 59th Annual Flower Show”. Each year they just cover the inside of their Union Square store with flowers. This year the theme was “China: Garden of the Dragon”. The show ended yesterday, so I just caught the taili end of it. It smelled so good in the store. I snapped a picture of the jewelry dept just to give you an idea of how many beautiful flowers are in there.


While I was in “The City” I also found a new yummy juice to drink. When I am in convenience stores I usually like to try different drinks because every once and a while I find a great drink that is only available in that area.

While I was on Market Street, I popped into a store for a beverage. I saw a drink called “The Switch”. This company makes a drink that is 100% juice. No sugar or additives. That is just the way I like it. They also carbonated the juice for that little zip taht you get with a sode. The result was great. I decided to go for the Orange Tangerine flavor and I liked it so much. And, it is very healthy. “The Switch is 100% juice, 100% carbonated, 100% all natural, and because we do not add sugar to our juice, it is the same as drinking a piece of fruit. One twelve-ounce bottle of The Switch equals two pieces of fruit. Six ounces of 100% juice equals two pieces of fruit.”


Now that I am back in Las Vegas, I looked up the company to see where I could get it. Turns out that they only sell it at one place here so I intend to go get a few cases tomorrow. If you want to see if they sell “The Switch” in your area you can check on their site.

Also, if you are wondering about their name (as I was), they explain it this way.

“One day we were speaking with a bunch of skate boarders in Richmond, Virginia describing our carbonated juice to them. They kept talking about “switching” things up on the skateboard so they didn’t get bored. We figured it was good enough for us. Oh yeah, we also listened to a lot of U2 and we like their guitarist “The Edge”, so we put “The” in front of “Switch” and we became “The Switch”. Names really aren’t that important. What’s in the bottle is what counts. That’s where we always win. You gotta taste it.”

As if you can’t tell by now, I highly recommend this yum yum.

UPDATE: The only place I could find them being sold in Las Vegas is “Whole Foods” on Charleston and Fort Apache. I have tried the other flavors. They are all good, but the Orange Tangerine is my favorite.

Update: Not only is it a good drink, but it is a cool company. One of the reps contacted me yesterday. She told me that she appreciated the mention on my blog, and offered to send me a free case of my favorite flavor. A offer that I certainly accepted. I love it when companies just get it.