To Be Observant Is To Be Wise

When I was a child, I’d always look at my feet while I walked around.

One day I was visiting my Grandma Stucki and she said, “If you keep looking down like that the whole world is going to pass you by and you’ll never know it.”

It’s funny how grandma’s can offer one line of advice and have it be remembered forever.

Since that day, I’ve worked very hard to be observant. I just enjoy noticing things now and I believe it has made my life more enjoyable. I don’t need to be obsessive about it but observing also allows my mind to stay busy.

Being observant of your surroundings will offer you more opportunities to serve others. You will see what they need and how best to offer the help. 

One thing I do is listen for and list when people mention things that they enjoy. This way, when Christmas and birthdays come around I’m able to offer a gift that I know will be appreciated. Also, when I see that joy somewhere else in life, I have a reason to reach out and reconnect with that person.

I’m glad that grandma was observing me enough to offer her advice and change my life.