Ya ha deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle deedle dum

If you are wondering about the title to this entry, that is the best take I can get on quoting “If I Were a Rich Man” from fiddler on the roof. That song has been in my head all day. It is one of those songs that you aren’t real proud to sing in public. As soon as you realize you are singing it, you immediately try to hush yourself. Not because it is a musical, I think that is classy. But it is such a goofy song, and even when you sing it right…it just sounds wrong. Why is it in my head? let me explain

I had the television on yesterday while I was working on a project. The show was showcasing 7 manmade wonders in the United States. It started off with highlighting the Bellagio here in Las Vegas. It is a very beautiful building. But another “wonder” on the show was The Golden Gate Bridge. I have long been intrigued with that structure and was glued to the television. (Yes, my work project suffered for a bit.) But the segment on the bridge included a spotlight on a company called The Golden Gate Design & Furniture Co.

About ten years ago, the people in charge of maintaining the bridge decided that it was time for the bridge rails to be uprooted and new ones put in their place. That had been there for 57 years and were looking worn and less safe. They were going to take the rails to scrap them, perhaps selling them to Korea since that country was short on raw material. But a man named Richard Bulan wanted to buy some of the railing and make some furniture out of it. As he did, many people were interested in having some of it for their own, so Richard bought ALL of it and assembles it into furniture.


Golden Gate Bridge’s Railing


Table for the Living Room made from the railing.


This is the headboard made from the railing.

It’s funny because anyone who has been to San francisco will tell you that there is a special draw to the bridge. Watching it is mesmerizing. Everyone feels like they have a special tie to it. I remember looking out the window at night from one of my missionary apartments. I could see the giant towers standing there and welcoming everyone to the bay. I remember being inspired by that view more then once.

Well, I found the website for this company and was sadly met with very high prices for the furniture. I remember saying to myself, “If I were a rich man I would buy that furniture.” That phrase triggered that darn song and it has been in my mind ever since.