Proof For The Whole World To See

I was watching the Orange Bowl last night. I have been an Oklahoma fan for about 12 years now so we won’t be talking about the game. However, let’s just reference the half time show real quick.

The show started with Kelly Clarkson and a long legged country fella. Neither singer is a favorite of mine, but it was alright. But then the PA announcer relayed, “And now, superstar Ashlee Simpson” For the next couple minutes I was just surprised that she has ever sold a song in her life. Poor singing, poor dancing, no where as good looking as her older sister. If this was a superstar then I think we need to realign our assessment of talent. I was glad to hear that the crowd agreed with me as Ashlee Simpson finished her song to a chorus of boos.

I don’t write this entry as a chance to bash Ashlee Simpson (although any amount of disapproval would still not be enough to be accurate). I write it because now we see the beauty of the Itunes Music Store. This music store is by far the most successful online music store where you can get songs for 99 cents per song. Many people see it as just another portal for popular artists to sell more songs and make more money. Well, those people are only half right. There are two other major benefits to iTunes and their online music store.

1) Popular artists can get their music out within a few days (rather then months). Last summer, John Mayer was on a summer tour. He decided to record a few of his concerts and put them online titled “As is”. He played a concert in California, then just a day later it was on the iTunes Music Store selling to the whole world. There was no packaging and advertising and shipping and all the other things that take up time for an artist to get their “live” music out. For those of you who have been to a John Mayer concert, you know how neat they are.

2) The second benefit of itunes is even greater. The same way that John Mayer is able to get his songs out to the world, musicians who are just getting their music out can do the same thing. I could write a song, record it, and sell it on itunes all on my own. Granted, no one would buy my song, but if someone is talented enough they would have a portal to the world. This is beneficial because the music buying world no longer has to take what is force fed to them by the major labels. Artists like Aaron Carter and Ashlee Simpson (both of whom are famous only because they have an older sibling that made it) are no longer the only options. Believe it or not, there are alot of good artists out there that get passed over because they may not have the “superstar looks”. (Although, with Ashlee Simpson as proof, I see that the standards are getting lower and lower.)

The itunes Music store gives a chance for us to have music that we like, not just music that the record company thinks we want. Now that is power to the people.