Insanity Ride Not So Insane

Last week, my family and I took the long elevator ride up to the top of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, NV. Since we were showing my future brother-in-law Vegas for the first time, it seemed a natural place to go. The view up there is amazing and I really enjoy it.

While we were up there, we went on a couple of the rides. The Big Shot is still my favorite ride in Las Vegas. You are strapped in at the top of the 11,000 ft high tower and they shoot you up at tremendous speed. It is great.

While we were there, we also decided to go on the ride called “Insanity.” The idea seems scary enough. You get strapped into a chair that is hanging from a giant arm. The arm then swivels out so that you are hanging over the side of the tower and then you are spinned around until the spinning force brings you out and you are looking down at the ground.

The problem with the ride is that you get spinning so much that the fear of being high is lost. You may as well be on a merry-go-round. I’m not much for spinning as it is, but we all agreed that it was neither fun nor scary. (Although, when you first swing out, it does give a bit of a thrill.)

One more thing, my step-dad was on the tower taking photos with my camera. You can see the photos in my “Insanity Flickr Group“, but there is one in particular that I wanted to point out.

As the ride was spinning, Stan was just snapping photos hoping to get some of us as we went around. When I got the images on the computer, there was one photo that made me laugh. You see, there were two tough talking macho guys in the line behind us. They were nice, but still tough guys. Is it just me, or are they holding hands in this photo? (link to large photo)
Stratosphere Insanity