A Great Time In Oceanside

My family (pictured above) just got back from a fun week in Oceanside, CA. This was Cole’s first big trip and he did great. He didn’t make a peep the whole drive there or the whole drive back. He was a little champ tagging along for a train ride and a walk to the harbor.

On a personal note, he also told me he likes the cool, most air in California because it cleared up his complexion and got rid of his heat rash. Together, he and I pondered why we choose to live in the heat-box known as Las Vegas.

If you like to see more photos, I’ve set up a gallery here. You can navigate by clicking on the right side of the picture to go forward or the left side to go back.

As always, thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Tingey for always being so generous with their condos.