Wiggle Baby (updated)

I know that alot of you aren’t familiar with my family, but forgive me for a personal beginning. It’s about a cute baby doing cute things. (If you don’t like that, make sure you have a heart.) You can skip to the end for a couple gems.

My sister had a baby about 7 months ago and she is becoming more and more fun by the week.


One of the entertaining things she does is the “Wiggle Wiggle Dance”. Last night my mom and I were babysitting her for a bit, and she was in a very wiggle mood. I pulled out my camera and took a short clip of her doing the wiggle, then of course made it in to her first music video. Complete with a nice little “My Little Pony” microphone. You can see it here. (It may take a minute to load. Sorry if you have dial up internet)

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that we better keep Maddie out of California. In California there was a law created in 1925 that makes it illegal to wiggle while dancing.

Other then that, here is a few suggestions to check out.

The gems of the week are songs that repeat lines over and over. You know you have a good sound when you can repeat the same line again and again and still have a good song. I’m not quite there with my music, but I’d like to be. These two guys are.

The Perishers with “Nothing Like You And I“. Buy it here.

Damien Rice with “The Blowers Daughter“. Buy the album here.

For those of you with itunes on an Apple, you should check out the free visualizer called Fountain Music from the Apple website. It’s easy to install, and gives a cool show when you are listening to music on itunes.

Finally, if you are looking for the coolest desktop picture to put on your computer, look no futher. Get it here.