The Influence Of Books On Me

The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. ~Mark Twain

Here are the five books that have influenced my life the most:

  1. The Book Of Mormon – Written by ancient prophets who lived on the American continent, this book stands with the Bible as “another testament of Jesus Christ.” When I read the book, I feel so at peace and my mind is clear. A special moment of the book is when Jesus visits these people and shares with them His love. The most amazing thing about the book is it comes with a promise that anyone can know the truth by asking.
  2. Of Mice And Men – I think this is the only book I ever read in school and enjoyed. I have read it many times since then. I usually read it twice a year. Something about the simple writing simplifies life for me.
  3. Encyclopedia Brown – The young boy in these books would take on the neighborhood mysteries and would solve them for “25 cents per day, plus expenses.” I was always sure to read every new book that came out and was always amazed at how Encyclopedia solved them. I’d always try so hard to figure it out before I read the answer. I also remember wishing that someone in my neghborhood would get a bike stolen.
  4. Mind Hunter – I was captivated by this book as I read. It was written by John Douglas, the pioneer for profiling in the FBI. He was involved in every major serial murder case in the last 50 years. He learned to see patterns that criminals would follow. This would make it easier to catch future criminals. This book taught me how to read everyday people. There are so many patterns that people follow and recognizing them will benefit you. In business, dating, and friendships, you’ll be able to know them thru their patterns.
  5. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer – People always told me that Tom Sawyer and I were two in the same. I took that as a compliment.