Now I Understand

It has been 100 years since Einstein introduced E=mc2 to us.( I don’t know how to make the little small 2 so if you know how to do it, let me know.) I have to admit that I have been quite interested in Einstein lately. Ever since visting Bern, Switzerland (where Einstein did alot of his work), I have been much more interested in the way he thought. PBS has an upcoming special on “the story behind the world’s most famous equation” and I am very excited for it.

While I was running last night, I was listening to ten top physicists explain the famous equation in two minutes or less. It was so interesting that I didn’t realize that I had been running for much too long. I’m sore today.

Even if you’re not interested in physics as a whole, you should listen to these different clips. If nothing else, it could really help you look smart sometime later. They make it really convenient to put it on your iPod for youre next walk.

You can find the clips here.