Notes From: Peru

It’s been more than a decade since I was last in Peru. Some things have changed but much is the same. As with all our stops though, it’s fun to see it again for the first time as Candace and the kids explore The Land of the Incas. 

The Lake

As we left Bolivia, we decided to take it a little slow as we explored Peru. We boarded a bus in La Paz and traveled through the beautiful Andes Mountain range. This included crossing a river on a ferry, exploring Copacabana (not to be confused with the previously visited Copacabana), and a boat to the Isla Del Sol. 

After that all-day adventure, we landed in Puno, Peru. I visited this city once before and loved it. The kids liked seeing some of the places that I had told them about like the Uros in Lake Titicaca.

The Food

One of the names for Peru, and especially Lima, is the “culinary capital of South America.” Don’t believe everything you read. 

Our family usually enjoys trying new foods as we travel. We’ve tasted all sorts of wonderful dishes on this trip around the world. But Peru just wasn’t there for us. The best way I can describe it is chunky and raw and…just…there. We tried a little though not nearly as much as we have been in each country. We stuck with the staples like pizzas and breakfast foods and that was fine.

The Citadel

We continued on the bus to Cusco which is a pretty nice city on its own but is known as being the launching point for Machu Picchu. Of course we visited and it was incredible even for the second time being there. They’ve certainly changed the way they do things there but it was still wonderful. And of course Candace and the kids loved it as well. The fog, the alpaca, and the violent river valleys were all there. 

The Breathing

While the elevation around Lake Titicaca is slightly below La Paz, it’s still very high at about 12,000 feet above sea level. Cusco and Machu Pichu are both higher than Denver as well.

Most AirBnB’s have the necessities like pans and extra blankets. You know you’re in the Andes when there are two oxygen containers sitting in the corner of the living room “just in case.”

One can’t help but build a list of things they miss and appreciate at home. I did not anticipate “oxygen rich air” being on that list but it’s definitely there. 

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