December 2021 Stockpile

A Certain Number Revisited

A year ago today, I mentioned that “I plan to increase the public writing” on this blog during 2021. I ended up with 24 posts or about two per month. That’s an improvement over 2020 and I plan to keep a somewhat steady pace.

I wish more people would write and post their words on a site they control. (Not just on social media which ends up being temporary and then fades away.)

Remember, you can keep up with new posts by RSS or email.

The other half of the equation

In addition to posting more often, I also read more this year. (That’s another way to improve writing.) The list included:

In fact, everyone in our family has dramatically increased in their reading. We decided to get an individual kindle for each person in the family and that has helped so much. It takes some financial investment, but the reward can be dramatic. It is much easier to stay focused and read on a Kindle. An iPad or iPhone has constant interruptions.

I recently upgraded to the all-new Kindle Paperwhite that was just recently released. It has been wonderful. The kids have the previous Paperwhite (in four different colors to easily differentiate) which is also very nice to read on.

Your Local Epidemiologist

Speaking of reading, I’ve learned a lot from these regular pandemic overviews from Katelyn Jetelina. She takes the recent pandemic info and explains it well, shares how she applies it in her work and home, and makes suggestions for your own decisions.

Just say no to Cake Pops

Cakepops are a dessert of the devil

Speaking of global nightmares, Cake Pops are the worst. I understand that they can look pretty in a picture or a dessert spread, but I just can’t eat them. All I can think of are hands squishing the cake after it has been baked. (As opposed to cookies that are sanely touched before baking.)

It’s taking the best part of cake (the airy texture) and removing it. It doesn’t make any sense.

A goal for next year

Speaking of too much desserts and sugar, I did a lot of walking this year. However, as we came into the last few days of the year, I was just short of reaching five million steps for the year. Sooooo close.

(Left) Nearly 5,000,000 (Right) Sabbath day of rest

As I look past over the year, I realized that Sundays were the numbers killer. Every week looks like the screenshot above. It truly is a day of rest. It’s a good thing the Sabbath can also be a delight.

Next year, I’m definitely hitting five million steps.

I hope you had a great year. Be kind.

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