My One Christmas Tip

A popular gift for Christmas is always a gift card. I received a few this year and I look forward to using them. Stores love selling gift cards because so many of them go unused. So, your friend or family member gave the store $40 for the gift card, and if you never use it then it’s 100% profit.

When I receive gift cards, I always look for the expiration date right away and I note it on my calendar. Write something like, “ card expires today.” I also like to write how much the gift card is worth and note the confirmation number if there is one. If there is no expiration date, I set a time like three months.

Then, if you are using an electronic calendar like iCal, Outlook or your iPhone, have a reminder to be sent to yourself about 2 weeks before the date so you have time to spend it.

If you are using an old fashion paper calendar (mom), then write a note about 2 weeks ahead so you know the expiration date is coming.

If you get to that point and you aren’t able to use it, then get on ebay and see if you can sell it off. Most cards will go for about ninety cents on the dollar. The short time before expiration doesn’t really matter because the buyers are usually looking to use the certificate right away anyway.

So plow thru those gift cards and make those reminders.