A Mission of Memories


One of the nice things about working from home is you can spend time on your personal projects while still working. This week I started scanning pages from the journal that I kept while serving as a Mormon missionary in San Francisco, CA. I’m only 200 pages into the 800 page behemoth of a book but it has been an enjoyable process.

As I go thru the pages of the book, I have so many memories. Not only do I think about the people, the places and the work, but I also remember my thoughts, my goals and what I didn’t know in the early days of service.

It’s impossible to accurately describe what a mission is like for someone. The highs are so high and the lows are hard and trying. I know of nothing else like it and I wish everyone could experience it.

A mission never leaves you. While scanning and reading, I’ve had my memory refreshed on daily activities, but without those details I still think of my mission everyday. I still regularly have dreams where I’m still in the mission field. It’s wonderful.

And now back to the scanning…