Brian Stucki Photoblog

Some of you may have noticed the new feature in the sidebar that points to my photoblog. ( A photoblog is a blog that is regularly updated with photos.) I recently got my first DSLR camera and I really like it. The photoblog will be some of the pictures that I take. (With the most recent one being in the sidebar of this blog.) I have some neat trips coming up to Nauvoo, Chicago and San Francisco so I’m hoping to get some great pictures.

There is an RSS feed for the photoblog here. Also, there is a place (in the top left corner) to leave comments. But be kind. I’m still a beginner with this camera. I hope that I will get better as I get more skilled in using it.

You can get to the photoblog by clicking on the picture in the sidebar or by going to

PS, By popular demand (meaning one request) I thought that I would include a music gem. This one comes from Kings of Convenience and is called I’d Rather Dance With You. I especially like it when they bust into the chorus.