Lucky Duck

I have posted before about the lake behind my house. Well, a few weeks ago I walked out my front door to a very agressive duck sitting there. I thought that was kind of strange, but definitely understandable considering the lake.

A week later, I pull up to the house in my truck, and watch this same duck waddle down the sidewalk, up to our house, and duck (pun intended) under the bush in our front yard. At that point, I was curious. I got out of my truck and went on a “duck hunt”. (great game!!) The bush goes all the way to the ground so I picked up the corner of the lowest branch and lifted it up. I admit that I jumped back a bit because the duck was sitting RIGHT THERE and hissed at me. (Yes, ducks hiss.)

I have been checking up on the duck and her eggs. I didn’t want any wild cats to attack or anything.

Well, today i lifted up the bush and saw an empty nest. Well almost empty. There was one egg left.


So I went to the back porch and took a gander (pun intended), and sure enough, there was my little family of ducks swimming around. It was funny because the body of the ducklings was so small, and their necks so short, so when they lowered their head to eat food in the water, their bodies would tip forward and force them off balance. I was like a proud father. Maybe I can be the godfather…er…goddrake.