Yesterday I Got In Trouble At Target

A few days ago, I was telling Candace that I’m surprised that kids are learning fewer and fewer manners. At least that is what I have been observing. There are fewer thank you’s, please’s, and excuse me’s. I think I’ve just been observing this lately because I’ve gone to a few stores to check out the video games for my new DS Lite. There are always kids in those aisles, and they are quite rude to the workers and each other. (Maybe they see how their parents treat the employees.)

Well, yesterday I was at Target and I was going to buy a golf game. Before I could get the attention of the employee, a young fella went up to to him and said, “Get me that game.” He was pointing to one behind the locked glass. There was no “excuse me”, “please” or “will you”. It was just a demand.

Well, just for kicks, I said to the kid, “Did you mean to say, ‘Will you please get me that game?’ ”

The kid turned around surprised. Even more surprised was his mom standing there.

“Did you just say that to my kid?” she asked.

To which I replied, “Did you mean to say, ‘Excuse me, did you you just say that to my kid?’ ”

I was probably a bit out of line. I wouldn’t have wanted some stranger to correct my kid. Ironically, I taught etiquette by breaking etiquette.

Oh well. I just gave a wink to the employee and strolled off.