Refuge from the Storm

I love this time of year when the early morning shadows fall heavy on the mountain in front of my home. Ever since I was young, I’d look across the desert at Gass Peak and the mountain that had become my “North.”

One year ago today, after a sleepless night, I took this photo as I left to go to church where a new stake was to be created, the Shadow Mountain stake. I may have taken that drive a bit slower than usual.

Since that time, I’ve learned a lot about kindness, faith, study and work. With the help of Candace and 2,600 friends, we’ve built a “defense” for righteousness and a “refuge from the storm.”

As we continue to Light the World this Christmas season, I’m thankful to the members of the Shadow Mountain stake for the patience and sustaining effort you’ve shown for me as I learn. It’s been humbling to discover the goodness found in the homes and halls of this stake.