Recognize The Miracles In Your Life

J.E. Littlewood was a professor at Cambridge University. He published work that used mathematics to minimize miracles.

In short, Littlewood’s law teaches that “a miracle is defined as an exceptional event of special significance occurring at a frequency of one in a million; during the hours in which a human is awake and alert, a human will experience one thing per second (for instance, seeing the computer screen, the keyboard, the mouse, the article, etc.); additionally, a human is alert for about eight hours per day; and as a result, a human will, in 35 days, have experienced, under these suppositions, 1,008,000 things. Accepting this definition of a miracle, one can be expected to observe one miraculous occurrence within the passing of every 35 consecutive days — and therefore, according to this reasoning, seemingly miraculous events are actually commonplace.”

I hope I never become so bleak to believe this.

Take the time to recognize the miracles in your life. Keep a record of them. Don’t pass them off as coincidence or commonplace.