A Sense-ful Morning

I think that it is the norm to not like your morning commute. People don’t like to battle with the traffic and people. So in that regard, I consider myself lucky. My morning routine is really quite pleasing to all of my senses.

I like to get up just before five and enjoy the morning. After I shower and get dressed, I go into the kitchen and pour a nice bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. I open up the sliding glass door so that my cat, Nelly, can stand guard against the ducks. She likes to sit right at the door and watch the ducks. The birds are chirping and the sunrise usually looks great over the water. Here is a picture of the view I get while eating my cereal.


When I am done with my cereal, I grab my computer and walk out the door. We have had great weather here in Vegas. Hitting 80 in the days and a perfect 60 in the mornings. I take the freeway (which at this time of the morning is traffic free). Heading east, I get to watch the sun come up until I exit at Las Vegas Blvd. I’m usually listening to my latest music gem.

It’s a funny thing to drive down LV Blvd in the mornings. As I drive under the Fremont Street Experience, there is always the straggling few tourists walking around and thinking to themselves “Did all that really happen here last night?” It’s the same feeling you get when you go to the empty parking lot after the carnival rolled out the night before. My guess is that most of these fellas are from the East Coast and their inability to change their bodies to the time zone cuts in on their sleep.

So that is the basics of my morning. Really quite an enjoyable and relaxing morning.

However, there has recently been a thorn inserted in my proverbial morning-side. And this thorn is the size of a Mitsubishi SUV.


In a very ironic twist of fate, I think that the unlock button on my car key is the EXACT SAME frequency of the alarm button on this car. Is that possible? Every morning, without fail, I walk out to my truck and hit the “unlock button” as I approach the door. At that EXACT moment, the alarm on the car goes off for about 15 seconds, just long enough to wake all the neighbors at about 5:15 am. I seriously feel guilty each morning. In fact, to beat the siren I have just been opening the door the old fashion way with the twist of the key. Talk about a pain. Oh well, my hearing suffers a little each morning, but at least the rest of my senses get to enjoy my morning commute.