Notes From: Hawaii

As we start our journey around the world, we thought Hawaii would be a nice launch location. The journey gets you halfway across the Pacific and just slightly adjusts the time zone. 

Also, The Sentry golf tournament was taking place on the island. (Convenient timing right?)

This is the first tournament each year. It hosts all the champions from the prior year so the field is strong. I always wanted to see the course in person but January has been busy for me the last fifteen years or so. I was excited to get the chance this year. 

The Kapalua Plantation Course has incredible elevation change. A friend noted that from top to bottom it is 2093 feet, or nearly twice the height of the Empire State Building. You can definitely see (and feel) that in person. 

Even I could hit 300 yards if I was hitting down that hill. (Probably not. But others hit much further including a record setting drive this year.)

Some Hawaii highlights

A whale watching tour. (Awesome)

The girls enjoying school with a view. 

And sunsets every night that just make you stop and appreciate this beautiful world. 

On a more somber note, to see the beautiful city of Lahaina burnt down was incredibly sad. The parts mostly affected were blocked from viewing and only allowed for residents. There does seem to be some nice progress though. 

An Island Change 

Our final Hawaiian night was spent in Honolulu. We were very happy to meet up with some longtime friends for church. With the testimony meeting that day, there was a lot of Aloha going back and forth. 

A quick night of rest, a stop at Raising Cane’s chicken (for Will to say goodbye to his true love…Cane’s Dipping sauce), and then it was back to the airport for the next leg of the trip. 

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