My 2008 New Years Resolutions

Yes, you read that right. I wrote “2008.” I find that when one posts resolutions at the beginning of the year, they are set a bit higher than they should be because they are on public display. (Or they are too vague so as not to risk public failure.) Each year, I try to find things that I can really make a pattern in my life and not just a January resolution to be put on the wayside and forgotten about.

That being said, a quick report card on how I did on my New Years goals:

Take advantage of every single rebate and cashback offered on purchased goods. I buy a lot of electronics and most of them come with rebate offers. Sometimes they are a total pain and other times it is as easy as signing up online for the rebate check. I decided that I would follow through with every single one I was eligible for this year. (Companies hate it when people do that.) Anyhow, I didn’t miss any and it turned out being $2,650 dollars total that I got back.

Read thru the Messiah Series again The Messiah Series is a powerful series on the life of Jesus Christ. In six powerful books, Bruce R. McConkie writes of Christ’s Pre-Mortal, Mortal and Millennial Life. I had read this once already, but thought I would get more out of it with a second reading now that my Gospel knowledge had grown. I was right and reading thru them again was a great experience.

Write in my journal everyday. This is a goal every year. Next year will mark a full decade of journal writing. Entries are split between my current journal and my Memory Journal.

Finish my book for publication This is my one goal that hasn’t come to completion. My book is only about a fourth of the way done. However, this will move to priority number one next year. And while I’m on the topic, if there are any interested friends and family who would want to wear the hat of “Editor”, do let me know. I have a professional editor lined up, but I’d like to get the text into the hands of 10 or 15 family member or friends to get it polished up before the actual review. (Don’t worry, it’s not a techie book so you guys may actually enjoy it.)

So 2008 was pretty successful. I hope many of you were able to match some goals that you’ve set for yourself. Remember, goals are best kept and utilized when you focus on creating a pattern in your life.