It Just Does Not Seem Fair

Today I stopped at Arby’s for lunch. Thet total was $4.12. I handed the lady 4 ones and a quarter. When she had the ones in her hand, she took that magic money pen and drew a line on each one to be sure that the bills were not counterfeit.They do this on singles now? I suppose that tells you the kind of neighborhood I was in.

But this got me thinking. (Yes, Jamie, a lot of things get me thinking.) This process just doesn’t seem fair. What if one of those bills WAS fake? She wouldn’t take it? I didn’t do it. I acquired that bill legally. Why punish me? If it turned out to be a fake bill, I think that I would just ask for it back and give her a different one. I would then use that fake one somewhere else that they don’t check. Like with the ice cream man.