My September Stockpile

Here are random things to post but that don’t deserve their own post:

  • The Office is still a great show, but last night’s episode was jumping all over the place. I sort of wish the writers would go back to the first couple seasons and refresh themselves with the shows ingenuity. (I was reminded of it when Michael was introducing Rica-a-Roonie, the new receptionist. That was classic Michael.)
  • If there is one place in the world that I would not want to make a “snow angel” it would be in a dugout after 9 inning of major league baseball. The only bad part about sports in HD is you see every detail of the dugout ground and it is pretty gross.
  • Speaking of baseball, Candace and I are going to head out to Boston next week to catch a Red Sox playoff game at Fenway Park. We’ve been there before, but it was the offseason so we couldn’t go in and watch a game. We’re very excited.
  • Did anyone else see that Athlon Sports has UNLV as a pre-season top 25 team? All of us Rebel fans are in for a great season.
  • Cole loves animals and balls. I brought him to FAO Schwartz a couple weeks ago and let him roam thru the stuffed animal section. He thought he was in heaven.