How To Find New Music

I am constantly on the look out for new music. The three best ways to find new music that you’ll like are:

  1. XM Radio- Because they don’t make money by playing the music that record producers want them to play, there is a lot more variety on the channels. And with over 100 channels, you have a lot to choose from. My favorite music channels are Hank’s Place (Ch 13), The Loft (Ch 50) and Hear Music (Ch 75). (Most of the time I listen to NPR and ESPNRadio on XM) Be sure that you have XM Radio in the next car that you by. IT makes driving much much much more pleasant when you can avoid all those annoying radio commercials.
  2. Mixes on iTunes- iTunes allows for users to put together mixes of music that they like for others to pander in. I usually find an artist I like, go to his main page in iTunes, and then look at the lists that include his music. Like all other songs on iTunes, you can preview any song on the list and get a feel for the music of the artist.
  3. is the most useful website that I have seen in a long long time. You pick an artist that you like, and they will play a song from that artist and then follow it with music that has the same style. It really is quite good at getting the style and I have found quite a few good artists there that I have never heard of before. THey play the full song for you then move on to the next one. It really is just like having a radio station that is catered to your liking. It’s a free service so you can go to the website and start it up and leave it playing while you do your other work. YOu can click on any song and buy the song straight from iTunes. I suppose that is how they make the money. They figure that good music, when heard, sells itself. I agree.

Now that you know my three main secrets, I’ll expect to hear about some new gems.