July 2023 Stockpile

Pairi Daiza in Belgium

Our family spent a few weeks in Europe earlier this Summer. It was an awesome time to be together and learn new things. 

Among our favorite activities was the Pairia Daiza zoo in Belgium. I’m not usually a zoo person, but this place was special and amazing. 

The grounds are so impressive and we loved that there was so little oversight of guests. I think we saw two workers the whole time. Just enjoy the animals. 

But best of all, you can stay the night inside the zoo. After everyone leaves, you can walk around and it’s like a private zoo for your family. We spent 30 minutes with just us six and 50 active penguins. It’s really awesome and worth checking out

Our room overlooked the polar bears and we enjoyed watching their morning breakfast as they dove for fish. This was the view from the one of the beds:

Road to Carthage podcast

As part of the Joseph Smith Papers Project, there is a new podcast that focuses “on the historical events that led to the assassination of the prophet (Joseph Smith) and his brother by a mob, as well as the aftermath of that tragic event.” 

Even as a student of this historical event, I learned so much. I especially enjoyed learning about when they opened the sealed court records from the trial of the killers after it sat there for 100 years. 

The podcast can be found here.

Another option to keep cool

Is everyone else melting? Revisit my post from a couple years ago about staying cool during a hot Summer. I can’t tell you how good a pre-cooled 65 degree bed is at the end of the day. 

Also, I added a link to some fun reusable water balloons that Candace bought to use around the pool. 


A few months ago I had an emergency appendectomy. I have never had a surgery. I’ve never stayed in a hospital. It was all new to me. 

I’m mostly back now, which is nice. My thanks to all the nurses and doctors who bring skill and care to care for others. 

My first Torta Ahogada

I recently had my first Torta Ahogada. In short, it’s a pork-filled sandwich that is drenched in a (not too hot) salsa. It is Guadalajara’s signature sandwich. 

Candace and I enjoyed it very much. 

You can read more about the sandwich and it’s history here

If you’re in Las Vegas and want to try one, you can find a great option here. (Conveniently on the way to/from the Las Vegas Nevada temple so you can care for both the spirit and the body on the same trip.)

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