My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Last night I checked off an item in my “Things to do before I die” list. I went to watch Willie Nelson in concert. I was really excited to go to this concert. In fact, I grew out a mustache just for the occasion so that I could fit in with the crowd a little better. I looked more like “Chester, the child Molestor” then a cowboy, but oh well. The concert was great. There was a real mixed crowd. Willie Nelson sounded better then my highest expectations. His voice has just gotten more pure and deep as he gets older. His guitar sounded great…even with the trademark hole in the body of the guitar. At age 72, his body is getting old, but he can play the guitar as good as ever.


Now that I’ve seen Willie Nelson in concert, I wondered who else I’d like to see. So far I’ve seen.

Willie Nelson
James Taylor (9 times)
John Mayer (2 times)
Michael Jackson
George Strait
Tim McGraw
Faith HIll
Bone Thugs N Harmony
LL Cool J
Jackson Five
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Britney Spears
Whitney Houston
Garth Brooks
Maroon 5
Tracy Byrd
Chris Ledoux
Mark Chestnut
Liza Minelli
Dashboard Confessionals
Dave Matthews Band

But I’d still like to see:
Merle Haggard
Jack Johnson
David Allan Coe
Jimmy Buffet
Snoop Dogg
Billy Joel
Paul Simon
Norah Jones
Tupac (I’m still holding onto hope on this one)

Has anyone seen these artists in concert? If so, what was it like? Who should I add to my list?

Last night, David Allan Coe was crossed off the list. Wow, he was good. So country.


(Yes, he’s the one with the long red hair. We weren’t allowed to take pictures so this was the only photo I could sneak in.)