My December Stockpile

Here are random things to post that don’t deserve their own post:

It’s a Christmas miracle.For those of you who lamented with me about the loss of our pink and white animal cookies, hopefully you saw the news that our little friends were saved. It was reported that Kelloggs purchased Mother’s Cookies and all of the recipe trademarks.

Tis the season to backup. If you were lucky enough not to have a hard drive failure this year…don’t push your luck. Make it a point to get a good backup of your computer in the week after Christmas. This will save all of your Christmas pictures and all those from the other holidays this year. (I do a lot of data recovery work and it’s a sad thing to see people realize they’ve lost all of their pictures for good.)

The Joseph Smith PapersFor Christmas, I badly wanted a copy of The Joseph Smith Papers. This was a new book released by the Church Historian. It’s the first in a long series of books that will chronicle all “documents created by Joseph Smith or by staff whose work he directed. The project also includes papers received and “owned” by his office. These key documents include, especially, the diaries, outgoing and incoming correspondence, revelations, contemporary reports of discourses, editorials, and notices.” Elder Marlin K. Jensen, Church historian and recorder, has called the Joseph Smith Papers Project “the most significant Church history project of this generation.” This book screams “BRIAN READ ME!!!!!!!”

Once I found out that none of my family was able to get a copy, I searched and finally found one for an early Christmas present to myself. This book is incredible.

Enjoy the season. I hope everyone has a nice Christmas season.