Is it the chicken?

I took a quick trip down to Southern California this week. I was supposed to take a class at a consulting firm down there, but they dropped the ball so it didn’t work out. (Probably more on that in a future post.)

I left Las Vegas at about 2 and headed to Oceanside, CA. My grandpa has a condo there that he is very generous with and he offered it to me while I took my class. The traffic was a little worse then I expected so I didn’t get to Oceanside til after dark. As I came into town, I stopped by a Riteaid to get some cereal and milk for the morning. However, when I went in I noticed a group of mischevious fellows looming around my truck. (A truck full of computers and gadgets.) So i quickly ran in, grabbed a box of Honey Nut Chex and a quart of milk, then got back out to my truck.

I arrived to the condo and got all of my stuff brought up. I had some work I wanted to do so luckily there was a neighbor with a wireless network. After a little tinkering, I was surfing the web (which was an ironic thought for me since I was so close to actual surf as well.)

I found myself getting hungry, but wanted something more then cereal. I took a peek into the freezer and there was a box of taquitos in there. They were not in an enclosed bag, but they did have a nice drafty box “protecting” them from freezer burn. I didn’t know how old they were, although after biting into one I had a much better idea of it. But I ate six anyway. the story probably would have ended there, but then I came across a picture on the web that made me wonder if those taquitos weren’t up to par. I could have sworn these little walnut looking things were moving.


After looking at that for a few seconds I wondered if I was ok. Luckily, besides that picture there were no other signs of bad food so I considered it a good meal and left it at that.