Las Vegas with Peppers and Weezers

There are a few reasons I love living in Las Vegas. I know that Las Vegas is really marketed to tourists and most people don’t know much outside of the strip, but I’m ok with that and this is why. Las Vegas is constantly have big concerts and shows. Other big cities have big shows now and then, but the city of Las Vegas realizes that people are constantly coming in and out of the city and they all want to be able to catch a big show while they are here. This is great for us, the residents, because just about any night we feel like going to a concert or show, there are usually a few good ones to choose from.

Another reason I love Las Vegas is there is always a place to eat at anytime of day or night. Granted, most people like this because they can stay out late and still go get a steak afterward. For me it works too, but in the opposite way. I don’t stay up real late. (As was shown last night when my grandma called me a little after ten and I was already fast asleep. I go to bed before my grandma.) But I like to get up real early and get to work and it’s nice to have places to stop and get breakfast on the way. (And say hello to those who are just wrapping up the night before.)

The final reason I like Las Vegas is because it’s old enough of a city to be established, but young enough to be fresh and try new ideas. Las Vegas turns 100 years old this year. I don’t know if this is big anywhere else in the country, but they are marketing it heavy here. There are alot of events planned but one that is especially cool. If you ever needed a reason to visit Las Vegas, how about a free concert with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer. The City is putting on a free outdoor concert on July 2nd. There is more information here. Tickets are available online starting Monday. You can get them here.