In Anticipation Of Fatherhood

As we get closer and closer to the baby coming (two more weeks), it’s interesting what goes thru the mind of a soon-to-be father. Here are some of the thoughts that I’ve been having:

    • I’ve never been more focused in or dedicated to my daily gym workouts. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I think it’s because if a situation comes up where he needs to be protected, I want to be be sure I’m capable of doing that.
    • I hope that someday I’ll be able to catch a foul ball at a Major League game so I can let him have the ball.
    • The best gift I’ve given to my son is a mother so capable of love and kindness.
    • I always had a problem drawing the line between appropriate and inappropriate songs. Some are clearly one or the other, but others are in the gray area.Now, as I sit working at my computer, I let iTunes play random songs and I keep this standard, “If I was holding Baby Slim here and this song came on, would I want his ears to hear it?”

      That has made it much easier.

    • I observed so many habits and mannerisms of my dad for as long as I can remember. I adopted many of them as my own. Which ones will my son pick up from me?
    • I’m so grateful for the leaders of the church and have never appreciated their example and counsel more. The Gospel so clearly defines the true purpose of the family and I feel very lucky to have that knowledge.
  • I hope he likes monkeys because he’s going to be surrounded by them in his bedroom.