Pedro Revisited

A very popular movie around this area has been the new movie called “Napolean Dynamite”. It is a very funny movie of a Idaho Teenager just trying to make it thru the perils of life. It’s one of those movies with unforgettable characters, and one-liners that you will put permanently in your everyday vocabulary. It is in alot of theaters still, but it should be out on DVD soon.

For those of you who have seen the movie, I have to report to you that I think I met Pedro’s cousin this morning. I stopped in at Winchells for a little morning treat, and the guy behind the counter told me he would be with me in just a minute IN AN EXACT PEDRO ACCENT. I could help but smile. I then asked if they sold donut holes. His answer was “Jes, but we don’t have some this morning” . I couldn’t help but continue to talk to this nice fella. I couldn’t believe how closely he resembled Pedro. Finally, I pointed to the Apple Fritters and asked, “What kind of donuts are those.” to which he replied, “It’s an Apple Fritter” in the exact same tone as Pedro uses when he says, “It’s a sledgehammer.” I couldn’t believe it. I bought an apple fritter and I was on my way. For those of you in Las Vegas, he works at the Winchell’s on Rancho and Washington. I was there just after 7 so I know he works the morning shift. Such a nice guy.