Using Groups On Flickr

To continue my talk of Flickr, I’d like to talk about Groups.

Groups on Flickr can be created by anyone and it is just a way to bring together people who like to look at the same sort of photographs. For instance, if you are into Purple Flowers, you should belong to the Purple Flowers Group. Or maybe you like to look at different kinds of pizza. (Pizza Group)

The fun thing about groups is you can submit your photos to a group that it applies to, and people will look at them and comment on the pictures. If you are a serious photographer, this can help quite a bit. But if you just want to show off your pictures, it is also fun.

One of the groups I like is Guess Where San Francisco. In this group, people will take picture of random things in San Francisco and submit it to the group. The members of the group will then try to guess where the pictures were taken in the city. I also like The Jumping Project, where you just take pictures of people jumping in the air. Here is one that I submitted:

Rich and me

Along those lines, I recently started my own group that I think all of you should join. It is called the Swing Jumping group. All you have to do is take a picture of you jumping off swings. It doesn’t matter how you land, as long as you look good in the air. I don’t know if there will be many members or not, but what the heck. If you want to be in the group just visit the page and click on “Join This Group”. That way, you can submit pictures to the group AND you will be able to keep up with pictures that others submit. Next time you are sitting around with friends and asking, “What should we do today?”, you now have an answer. Go Swing Jumping.