A Home Invasion and Tips

We had two goobers case our house out the other night. After trying to look through some windows (where my children were sleeping), they decided to see if anyone was home and whether the front door was open. Of course we have many security measures in place so they were not successful. The video is below. A few things in case you’re ever in this situation:

1) They ring the bell to see if anyone is home so be sure it’s clear you are there and they tend to avoid conflict. For us, I spoke through the intercom in my best man voice and made sure the gun was locked and loaded loudly.

2) Of course a gun can be useful if you have one and are comfortable using it. It can also be dangerous when you’re high on adrenaline or unfamiliar with using it. Another proven security tool is a very bright flashlight or spotlight. From a distance, light up their area and be sure they know they are seen.

3) The Dropcam that took this video is a great tool. We have them all over our house. It provides good video and can also send you motion and sound alerts. You can schedule these alerts so they will only notify you during the time that you aren’t expecting movement.

4) If the intruders are nearby still or making a move into the house, call 911. If they’ve left and the danger is no longer apparent, still call 311 to report it and make police in the area aware of what happened.

5) Make a plan with your spouse and children. (It’s a great FHE lesson.) Make sure everyone knows how to act, where to be, and how to know that it’s safe to come out.