October 2023 Stockpile

Music Collage

The other day, Jane put up a collage on her wall showcasing her favorite music artists. All the expected artists are there but one of these things is not like the other: 

I can’t imagine where she got that from, but I think little Jane Taylor is going to be just fine. 

Multiple Covenants

At a recent stake conference, I asked the visiting authority if he would touch on the power found in making and keeping covenants with God. We hear that phrase often but I think it can be better clarified to better understand. He was kind to touch on it a little but he also had a lot of other things to cover. 

Well, Elder Dale G. Renlund answered the call beautifully. He gave a talk called “Stronger and Closer Connection to God through Multiple Covenants” and it was perfectly presented. He taught using science, as he usually does, and he also uses a word that my mom would not be happy if I used. How is that for variety?

I usually wait for the text of talks to be available before I link to them. I prefer study that way. But this one was too good to wait so you can see the video or listen to the audio now. I’m sure the text will be there eventually too. 

Note: This is the second Elder Renlund talk that I’ve linked recently. He’s really a great teacher for me. 

Don’t make it weird

We built our house to be very open and inviting so people would come by. It’s worked wonderfully over the years. 

But we finally had to get a no soliciting sign for our door. I just couldn’t hear any more solar panel pitches, especially to Candace who is so kind and patient. 

I tried to get one that would at least get a smile before they turn around. It’s worked well and totally worth it

Superior Theory Redux

I recently read this quote from Warren Buffett:

“It’s good to have people in your life who you don’t want to disappoint.”

It reminded me of my Superior Theory so I thought I’d link that again. Anytime your way of thinking lines up with Warren Buffett, that’s something to celebrate. 

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