Did someone call me from this number?

I’ve written before about how there are some phrases that bother me. I need to add one more because it was brought to another level today.

We all get the call at some time. It starts, “Hey, did someone call me from this number?”. To which my response is usually, “Did someone not answer on this number?.” I just don’t like how the person calling assumes that 1) I can tell who it is by their voice alone 2) I know every call that everyone makes in the house. Well, this was brought to another level today. I answered my phone and the conversation was as follows:

Caller- “Hi, who’s this?”
Me- “Excuse me?”
Caller-” I just saw this phone number written on the top of my car and I wanted to know why it was there.”
Me- “On top of your car?”
Caller- “Yeah, I am about to wash my car and this number was written in the dust so I wanted to know why.”
Me- “Well, you got me. Where do you think it happened?”
Caller- “I don’t know. I live in Spotlight, NV. It was probably while I was at work.”
Me- “Wow, sorry, can’t help you.”
Caller-” well, what’s your name. Maybe I’ll know it.”
Me- “Randy Constan”
Caller- “Oh, well that doesn’t sound familiar.”
Me- “Well, go wash that car.”

I really hope that he goes home and puts my “name” in Google. He’ll end up at Randy Constan’s homepage and be sorry that he made that ridiculous call in the first place.