The Internet And Unique Names

I’ve always loved my last name of Stucki. I love the Swiss heritage of it. But, I can’t tell you how often I heard “Hey Stucki Dookie” in school growing up. And every person thought they were the first one to think of it.

Well to those who teased, consider this. In this internet age, I have another reason to love my last name. It’s rare.

When I wanted to buy a domain name, was available for me. When I sign up for email address or community names, Brian Stucki is available.

But the most fun thing about having a unique name is that I’m easy to be found online. If you search “brian stucki” on Google, there is my site at the very top. The second entry would be my pictures on flickr. (The third entry is some opera singer named Brian Stucki. That’s not me.)

The reason I bring this up is that I’ve heard from so many old friends because they searched my name on the internet and found my site at the top. it’s been fun to hear from them and it’s all thanks to the unique name.

Take that John Smith’s of the world