My Cup Runneth Over

Now that we are a couple days since the birth of Cole, things have slowed down just a little. I’ve had a lot of emails asking for some photos, so here comes the obligatory newborn photo. I haven’t even unloaded my camera yet, but this one was taken by Grandpa Dale.


I know my sisters want to see the little guy in action so I’ve created a short clip too. There’s only a quick second on Candace to show everyone that she is still in good spirits and recovering well. The movie is here.

Speaking of Candace, if I could say one thing. What an amazing thing to watch a woman assume her role of motherhood. Everything I love about Candace has been multiplied and magnified in these last couple days. Cole could be the luckiest son on earth.

Cole is strong. The nurses are surprised at how he can move his head around so freely and react to voices in under a day. Maybe they say that to everyone, but it doesn’t matter. It’s having the intended affect. Of course we’re happy to see that. It means we have a healthy boy. It also means that he is well on his way to slipping into his role as the Red Sox clean up hitter. (Don’t worry, I’ve already talked to him at length about this call of duty.)

Thanks so much for the support from everyone.