3 random thoughts

Jack Johnson released his new album today. Jack Johnson is one of my favorite artists. He’s got a surfer feel to him playing the acoustic guitar and steady “smooth groove” beats. He also has a very relaxing voice. This album is called “In Between Dreams.” All of the songs are really good. One of my favorites is called Never Know. I also really like Better Together. Take a listen to these two songs. If you like it, visit the iTunes Music Store and get the rest of the album. You’ll really like it.

For those of you who use Mapquest, I have a better option for you. If you visit google.com, you can just type the address into the search field and Google will give you the option to use Google Maps. (Usually the top link) I really like this map service for a few reasons. The interface is VERY clean without all the ads and banners that you find on mapquest. (someone sold out to corporate America,huh Mr Mapquest?) Also, just like mapquest, you can get driving directions to and from your location. Lastly, they have a cool graphic that points out your place. Take a look. Here is one for the White House.

I have been getting a strange, but powerful, dislike toward people who don’t wave when you let them into a lane. I don’t know why but it has really been bothering me. I just wonder if they think that it was by accident that a perfect sized spot opened up for their car while the rest of the freeway is packed bumper to bumper. I mean, how hard is it to send a little thank you wave after you switch lanes. I do it everytime and my arm hasn’t fallen off or anything. I’m sure it’s not unhealthy. Make a habit to do it from now on. Do it for the bettering of society. Do it for the children.