My First Shots From The Studio

A couple nights ago, Candace helped me sew the black backdrop for the studio. After we were done, we decided to jump in and try it out. We just wore what we had on from work that day and hopped under the bright lights.

Like I said earlier, this is my first time working in a real studio with lights. It’s a little harder than I was expecting. My first problem was how bright the umbrellas would reflect the light. I read up a lot and I think I figured that out a little. Also, a big thanks goes to my dad for building me a power strip that could alter the power and dim the lights to what I need. I hope I’m as smart as him when my little boy asks me something.

So here are the photos. From them, we learn two things:

  1. It is embarrassingly obvious that I belong behind the lens, not in front of it. Please don’t accuse me of trying to “bring sexy back”. (I just used that line on purpose to show how much I’m not trying to be cool in these pictures.)
  2. Candace, 5 1/2 months pregnant and after a full day of work, is still as beautiful as ever.

I’d be interested to hear what anyone has to say about the lighting or the post-processing. I’d like to fine tune this hobby.

Brian In Red

Candace In Gold

Black Jacket