Pain Defined

Webster’s has announced today that it will carry 58 new entries in their next edition of the Webster’s New World College Dictionary that will be out in May. There were two new entries that seemed especially interesting to me.

The first word was “blog”. I’m glad to see that it will be recognized and main stream. My only question is if the Word Masters will identify it as both a noun and a verb. Used as a noun it would read, ” Living A Story To Tell is my blog.” As a verb it would be used, “I’m almost done on the computer, I just have to blog real quick.” I’ll be interested to see how it is defined.

But there was another entry that I thought was even more interesting. The fine folks at Webster’s have decided that the word “wedgie” is finally ready for the main stream. This will be so useful, especially for the upcoming generation. In days past, if you asked what a wedgie was you’d usually be answered by someone doing it to you. But now there is a much more humane way.

An ignorant youngster: “Uncle Brian, what’s a wedgie?”

“Well nephew, it is a prank in which the victim’s undershorts are jerked upward so as to become wedged between the buttocks.”

Thanks Webster, for clearing that up.