I Wish Blogs Weren't New

A few days ago, my grandma wrote me an email asking me how she could find my sister’s “blog.” I’m always impressed at how my grandma has been learning new technology. (Though I did smile a bit because she couldn’t just say blog. It had to be “blog” in quotations. Like it’s not a real word.)

Anyhow, it got me thinking how interesting it would be if blogs were started 50 years ago and we could look back at what our parents and grand-parents wrote about on their blogs. I understand that quite a few parents and grandparents did write in journals, but so many times those are lost and forgotten. A blog is cached in so many places almost immediately after posting. So, be careful what you write.

Right now, it’s fun to go back a few years and see what I wrote at that time. I think it will be a blast for my kids and grandkids to go into the internet archives and read posts that Grandpa Brian wrote way back in 2007.

So in case that happens…”Hi to all you young whippersnappers. You have the coolest grandpa in the world.”