My October Stockpile

Here are random things to post but that don’t deserve their own post:

  • To celebrate our second little boy, Candace and I went out to Boston to watch a Red Sox playoff game. We had great seats behind home plate and prior to the game had a nice little private tour of Fenway Park. It was great.
  • When we were in the airport security line on the way to Boston, we were in line behind Ray Teller of Penn and Teller. I’ve long since boycotted their act, but it was strange to see him there. If you know their act, Teller NEVER talks during the show. It was strange to see him talk to the security.
  • Speaking of security at McCarron Airport, it is much nicer now. They opened 12 new security lines that go right from the ticket counter to the gates. The majority of the crowd goes that way so those of us who go straight from parking to the terminal see hardly any line at all. Nice.
  • If you want to be a good spouse, find something that your husband/wife has been doing well and compliment them on it. It’s nice to get recognition, especially from the person you love the most. Martin Luther shared, “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.” (As an added bonus, it may come back to you. I complimented Candace this morning on some great changes she’s made because I like to see her do well. Then, I came home from my data center today and the house smelled like the two warm loaves of banana bread. It’s a win-win.)
  • Whenever we go on a trip, I can’t help but let my history bug bite me. Luckily, Candace also enjoys it as I teach her about the spot then we go see it together. (Note: My kids are going to hate me on trips.) Anyhow, while in Boston, we climbed the hill of Dorchester Heights. One of my favorite moments of history happened there on that hill and I very much enjoyed visiting.