A Memory Journal Milestone

When I was serving as a missionary for the Mormon church, I ended each day by writing a full page in my journal. I had never been a big journal writer, but I made a promise to my uncle that I wouldn’t miss a day. Now, that 800 page book of writing is one of my most cherished possessions.

When I came home I tried to keep up the habit, but I quickly realized that my day-to-day life at home just wasn’t very interesting. That is when I started my Memory Journal.

I knew that there were plenty of interesting experiences that I had never written down over my life. Even at the young age of 27, I was starting to forget plenty of them. So, I created this plan:

1) Have Google Calendar send me an email every weekday that simply reads, “Write in your Memory Journal.”
2) Fire up Mac Journal (or Journler and write down one memory that I’ve never written down.
3) Save, backup, and print out copies often.

I just made it a rule that I couldn’t delete the email until I had written my entry. (I like to keep my inbox organized and a lingering, unanswered email bothers me.)

Journal entries can be anything. (e.g., first time on a plane, first car speeding ticket, advice from a grandpa, etc) You’ll be surprised how much you’ll remember as you try to think of things to record. Get it down before you forget it for good.

Also, imagine how cool it would be to read a book full of memories that your grandpa or great grandpa had written.

So why bring this up now? Well, today I reached a pretty cool milestone. I recorded my 1,000th memory in my Memory Journal. If it wasn’t for the birth of Cole, reaching this milestone could have easily been the most satisfying thing I’ve done this year.