My Three Channel Lineup

I’ve always wished that the cable companies would allow you to pick and choose which channels you wanted to have on your account. Not only would this allow for a much lower bill, but it’d also allow for much more digital bandwidth to be available so all of our internet connections could be much, much faster.

But if they did allow this…I’d really only want three channels.


ESPN consistently does a good job at producing sports and sport related programs. Any guy I know can turn on ESPN at any time of day and enjoy what they are seeing. (Plus, they show a lot of Red Sox games so I’ll need those of course.)


The History channel does inspiring work. I love to watch shows about wars and findings on the Ancient Americans. They also produce incredible series like The States, which I enjoyed immensely. They went thru all 50 states and gave a short history on each one. I watched with a pen and paper in hand so I could mark down all the places to visit when I travel.

They also do shows on different religions. It’s always interesting to see what truth is in each religion…as well as the things that are a little off.


Easily my favorite channel, Discovery just makes you happy to be alive. It reminds you of how great and how big the world is that we live in. I’ve watched the Planet Earth series too many times to count. Plus the channel brings classics like American Chopper and Dirty Jobs.

A friend of mine recently found this commercial on Youtube. If it doesn’t make you want to go and see the world then I don’t know what will.

The world is awesome indeed.