Iceberg, straight ahead.

Yesterday I was reading some of my favorite blogs and I came across a very interesting story. Recently, a professor at Berkeley had his laptop stolen by one of the students in his class. The student, hoping to get questions and answers to the upcoming exam, got alot more then he had expected.

The following day, the professor ended his class with a couple minutes of why it is very important that the person bring that laptop back. As I listen to this lecture, I can seriously see the person sitting there in class getting very very nervous. I guess you have to listen to it in order to realize what I am talking about.

I have titled the post Iceberg because it is well know that only 10% of an iceberg is above the water when there is 90% that you can’t take in. (See Titanic.) I imagine this kid had no idea what laid under the proverbial water.

You can listen to it here.